Entrepreneurial Storytelling in Moments of Friendship: Antenarratives of business plans, risk taking, and venture capital narratives

Rohny Saylors, David M. Boje, Thomas J. Mueller


Storytelling is important for understanding business plans, risk taking, and venture capital. Narratives can limit the entrepreneur’s ability to dynamically change. Friendship is when entrepreneurs can focus on antenarratives and living stories instead of static narratives. Friendship happens in the future before it becomes a narrative past. In this article we outline fore-having, fore-telling, fore-structure, and fore-conception. These relate to four antenarratives before, bet, beneath, and between. We do this is so that we can answer the questions "how can we understand entrepreneurial storytelling processes in moments of friendship?" and "How can entrepreneurial storytelling overcome narrative degradation of living story?" At its core, the answer is is that in the entrepreneurial storytelling moments of friendship can allow living story interactions by creating new fraternity.


Entrepreneurial Storytelling; Entrepreneurial Narrative; Business Plans; Venture Capital; Antenarrative

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